Solo pieces for vibraphone or vibraphone and percussion:


MELANDIE (melancholy melody) is a piece for vibraphone, encompassing various styles, variations and  a freely interpreted cadenza.

Für Lisa

FÜR LISA is a ballad for vibraphone, dedicated to my incomparable niece.

As well as vibraphone mallets, a double bass (or cello) bow (arco) is needed.


ALEGRÍA is a solo piece for vibraphone and percussion in a latin-jazz-style.

In the second part, the acoustic impression on the listener should suggest multiple performers for certain passages.


PHILO SOPHIE is a fantasy (which can be freely interpreted) for vibraphone, which is divided into two parts.

The first part begins celestially and mysteriously, followed by isolated, in part still fragmented “ideas”. In the second part, these “ideas” appear in a more structured form, transform and finally disappear into nothing.

"2020" Trilogy

The “2020” trilogy is a solo piece for vibraphone and percussion and was written during the pandemic for which the year 2020 will forever be remembered.

The titles of the three movements,  ATMOSPHÄREN (atmospheres), KRISIS (crisis) and REGENERATION (regeneration), suggest an abstract „programme“.


KIND OF BALLAD is a piece for vibraphone solo that is dedicated to my neighbours and friends Olivia, Dagmar and Kurt. Thanks!

It should be played with great interpretative freedom. For this reason, no markings regarding dynamics or (exact) tempo have been included. 


ABSOLUTION is a piece for vibraphone, which is composed of two parts. The first part is progressive and full of „toxic energy“, that gets continously out of control. The second part is from another world, calming down, looking back and reflecting.

ABSOLUTION is dedicated to my exceptional friend Frank Grundmann (1961 –2023) who inspired me to write this piece.